Over 150 million were paid for projects in Bucharest-Ilfov - Regio Adrbi


Over 150 million were paid for projects in Bucharest-Ilfov

The "Bursa Constructiilor" magazine: the degree of European fund absorption is increasing in the Ilfov County.At the level of the Bucharest-Ilfov development region the microenterprises were the most active applicants for European funds through the Regional Operational Program (ROP) as the majority of the projects were submitted by the aforementioned: "The reaction speed is high although these are generally small projects for the purchase of equipments", stated Gabriel Friptu General Manager of the Management Authority of ROP within the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism. He stated that at the level of the region, the Ilfov County Council reacted faster in what concerns the infrastructure projects: "If in the past we complained about an inertia of the local public authorities, now everything is being carried out much faster and we are about to suspend several areas", stated also Mr. Friptu.Read more

DoingBusiness.ro: Projects contracted through Regio with a value over 2.5 billion Euros.A total of 813 projects were approved through Regio, out of which 295 were implemented in the business environment, reaching a value of 164 million Euros. In the field of transportation there were 116 contracted projects with a total value of 1.17 billion Euros. For the Priority Axis, in the urban environment there were 46 contracted projects with a total value of 287 million Euros, in the social field - 207 projects with a value of 415 million Euros. At the same time, 111 projects were contracted in the tourism field, their value reaching 416 million Euros. Read more