Structure - Regio Adrbi



Due to the importance of the role of the Intermediate Body (IB) for the ROP attributed to BIRDA, the departments and positions are defined according to the level of involvement in carrying out tasks and fulfilling the attributions specific to the implementation of ROP.

The first functional area is represented by departments that exclusively perform functions / attributions / activities corresponding to ROP implementation, and within these departments, all the positions are involved 100% in the implementation of ROP. The departments of this functional area are called specialized departments for ROP and are part of the ROP Implementation Directorate:
- Assessment, Selection & Contracting Department
- Project Monitoring Department
- Project Assessment Department
- Department of Liaison with MA ROP

The departments located in the second functional area are departments with partial involvement/support for ROP:

- Finance and Accounting Department
- Technical Assistance Department
- Financial Preventive Control Office
- Internal Audit Department
- Human Resource & Organizational Development Department
- Legal
- Administrative and Archive Department
- Secretariat
- IT Systems & SIMS Department
- Regional Promotion & Investment Department
- Planning, Programming, Monitoring & Project Portfolio Department
- Ilfov Regional Office