About - Regio Adrbi




  • Structure

    Due to the importance of the role of the Intermediate Body (IB) for the ROP attributed to BIRDA, the departments and positions are defined according to the level of involvement in carrying out tasks and fulfilling the attributions specific to the implementation of ROP.

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  • Competences

    A Framework Agreement was concluded between the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing and BIRDA in order to establish the general framework of the ROP regional implementation. The contract specifies the responsibilities and competences of the two signatory parties.

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  • 2007-2013 Regional Development Plan

    Planul de Dezvoltare Regionala (PDR) este documentul de planificare strategica al regiunii, elaborat intr-un larg parteneriat, care are ca scop orientarea si stimularea dezvoltarii economice si sociale la nivel regional.

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